Retailing strategy with a sustainable spin

It will appear that a brave heart is required to be in a business of furniture retailing when there are big importers and wholesalers operating a chain of Furniture Now stores that stock Chinese imports. Furniture Now is just an example of good furniture stores; it can be seen in Furniture Now Reviews. There are many other chains and groups that are active in these businesses.

There are still inefficiencies in the logistics that allow an entrepreneur to make money. Research and Furniture now reviews has shown that enormous markups exist. Cutting out the middleman is a first step.

Designing and sourcing by using plantation grown wood can create a niche and be the unique differentiation from the big box store. This kind of commitment to the environment becomes the unique selling proposition.

This retail strategy presupposes selling from one location. With help from the internet an equal proportion of sales from eCommerce is possible and viable as word of mouth advertising and well placed blogs in social media can spread the message.


A big advantage in this type of selling is design and quality that will definitely fetch a higher price. There is also the danger that the design can be copied by the big boys and the product manufactured at a cheaper price. This will have to be taken into account.

To know more about this store you can read Furniture Now reviews online which will help you a lot to know about the quality and best designs offered by them.


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