Sustainable forests for furniture

Practically everybody is aware of the shrinking Amazon forests. The rich land with amazing bio diversity is fast disappearing. Every year a mini Belgium-size area of forest is being decimated by slash and burn technique (cutting the forest completely to clear the land fit for cultivation). The cleared land is being planted with soy and cattle ranches. The farmers in the Amazon forest have no value for the trees as they have more economic value in cultivation.

Sustainable forest management

If a process of removing a portion of the trees and also replant then managing the forest becomes viable. The harvested wood can be sold to furniture manufacturers who can tag the furniture as manufactured from sustainable resources. A small surcharge on the cost of the wood can be ploughed back into the forest and the rich bio diversity can be sustained for future generations.

A pipe dream

Is this a pipe dream scenario? Yes and no. A global effort is already on to save the Amazon forest. If it succeeds then the answer of sustainability becomes a resounding yes. Furniture made from these forests can create a sense of pride in the present generation that they are doing their bit in saving the environment. This begs the question. Is it too little and too late? Will it make a difference to buyers of low cost furniture? Surveying Furniture now reviews pages reveal buyers are not overly concerned.


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