Buying furniture made in America

In 1996 Canada was the biggest exporter of furniture to the United States. It had overtaken Taiwan. America imported $1 billion worth of furniture from Canada. Taiwan was in 2nd place with exports of $950 million. It was the first time that Taiwan had slipped from its numerouno position since 1983.

In 2015 China exported $13 billion worth of furniture to America. Canada exported $1.25 billion while Taiwan exported $430 million (source Furniture today).

America furniture manufacturing

In 2007 Bassett Furniture Industries, in Bassett, Virginia closed its furniture manufacturing plant in Basset. Prior to that during the mid-20th century this company was one of the largest wood-furniture manufacturers in the world. At one point they employed over 10,000 people across the many plants.  The J. D. Bassett Manufacturing Company, manufactured bedroom and dining-room furniture of a certain class and pricing, and Bassett Superior Lines manufactured less expensive furniture for the family. Several other plants manufactured chairs, tables, and fiberboards.

In 2007 this great company was shutout by cheaper Asian imports. Now they sell imported wood products and only about two hundred plus people are employed. This is the story across America as between 2002 and 2012 over 62,000 American factories shut shop that manufactured every day goods like, shoes, textiles, furniture and other items necessary for the consuming middle class of America. And the effect was felt deeply in Virginia along the stretch of Smith river where more than 19000 Americans lost their manufacturing jobs between 2002 and 2013.*

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Can you buy American made furniture in 2016?

The answer is a resounding Yes. You can buy American made furniture in large department stores as well as smaller furniture stores as well as online. Furniture now reviews web pages often get letters from satisfied buyers who have bought American manufactured furniture. There is a very small downside though. The lower priced furniture is totally dominated by Asian imports. The mid-range higher end quality furniture is available and well worth the price. The design is quintessential American and for a few hundred dollars more a classic American made sofa can be yours.  Remember this next time you are in the market for furniture. This is how you can do your bit of making America great gain. Buy American made furniture.

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Furniture retailing online challenges

The new wave for furniture retailing is bricks and clicks. The question is it working? Are they getting more sales? The answer is an emphatic no. The reason is many of the websites are shying away from pricing online. Shopping carts on their websites is slow moving primarily for this reason.

Visitors to websites are quick to abandon the site if no pricing is shown. An infographic perhaps best explains this statistic

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An overwhelming proportion (more than 80%) of visitors will leave.

A discussion on cause and effect of eating furniture is well worth the effort.

People buy furniture only when it is absolutely necessary. Very rarely it is an impulse buy. The factors that influence furniture buying include

  • Space planning
  • Color coordination
  • Accessorizing
  • Customizing

These factors are complicated. Only an actual brick and mortar store can provide the touch and feel experience. Importantly most retailers have built up an element of trust over a period of time. Their in house designers or decorator is on hand to give advice and when it comes to financing can be very creative for people who may have issues with credit. All said and done the local players are still coming to grips with ecommerce. Plus their overheads of selling from inventory make them less competitive than say Walmart or Amazon.

However in their defense it can be said that they are fast catching up. With the advent of facebook and other social media advertising local demographics is coming to the rescue of the brick and mortar shops. Communication is the key which the stores are now realizing. The first step in rectifying their fears is displaying prices on the website. Earlier they were wary of displaying with the logic that they were informing their competitors about prices. After a research survey (as the infographic) showed and also Furniture now reviews as also other reviews indicated price display is the only factor for a visitor to stay on the web page. Jakob Nielsen a top digital marketing guru sums up the attitude of the shopper. He or she does not read. They scan. That is why the price display should be prominent on the webpage.

This fear is being addressed as more and more furniture retailers are coming onto the ecommerce bandwagon.

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Creating A Relaxing Home With Suitable Furniture

Furnishing a home is helping to create a personal space where you can rest and relax, be yourself and enjoy yourself, therefore it must be furnished in a way that is pleasing to your eye.  At the same time if have a budget, you are limited in the pieces that you can afford and therefore must spend more time checking out places like Furniture Now Reviews and sales announcements.  There are lots of websites that will give you ideas on how to furnish your home with a budget and yet make it look spacious and stylish.

 Planning Out Your Furniture Shopping

Before starting out with decorating your home, it is good to make a list so you are not distracted with other things at the furniture store.  There must be a clear list of things that you must buy and things that are on your wish list.  Browsing through web pages like Furniture Now reviews regularly will help you to locate sites where there are furniture sales going on.  Sales are a good place to obtain pieces that are on your wish list at affordable prices.

Tips On How To Avoid Overcrowding A Room

Every piece of furniture that is placed in your home must be something that is of good quality and attractive.  Moving around in your home amidst these pieces must give you a sense of joy.  You must have a clear idea of the size of your room so that you do not pick up pieces that are out of proportion to the room.  It is always wiser to decide on what you need for your home after living in it for a while.  This and checking out Furniture Now reviews will also give you an idea of what will best work for your home considering the space and amenities available.

Choosing Furniture Pieces Judiciously

Furnishing rooms one at a time is also a good idea since it will help you to furnish your home with quality pieces regardless of the budget.  A lot of attention can be lavished on each room and the furnishing completed before moving to another one.  Cluttering a room with furniture and accessories can take away from the visual beauty of the room, so care must be taken to use pieces judiciously.  Lighting the room also can add to the effect you wish to create in your home.  Different types of lighting will accent different parts of your home per Furniture Now reviews.

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A Bagful Of Dreams For Your New Home Decor

Moving into a new home is an exciting time.  People are full of ideas on how to furnish their homes.  This is the time they give full vent to their imagination and their dreams about their very own home.  If you are setting up home for the first time, this can be an even more thrilling time since your home is an empty canvas for you to fill.  Furniture now reviews speaks of planning out your interior décor and slowly furnishing your home as a better idea than trying to get all the items altogether.  This is because you will have to compromise on the quality of your pieces especially if you have a budget.

Picking Up Quality Furniture Pieces At Sales

Renting a home limits the extent to which you can re-decorate your home.  However if it is your own, you can start off with painting your home in different colors to suit the mood of each room.  The next step is the furniture you are going to bring in.  Going through sites and Furniture now reviews is a good way to get ideas to furnish your home.  You can locate pieces that you are happy with and either buy it outright or wait for furniture sales.  Furniture pieces should suit your style and personality.

Scouting For Ideas To Furnish Your Home

Discount stores are a good place to source pieces of furniture.  You can also get antique and vintage pieces at garage sales and auctions.  It all depends on how interested you are to give your home a new and unique look.  Storage pieces in the form of ottomans and bookshelves are a good way to keep away unwanted pieces neatly.  If you are not by inclination a designer, yet want to ensure your home is decorated attractively, you can look up magazines and Furniture now reviews for ideas on how to furnish specific areas of your home.  You can check out simple and more complex decorating ideas that will add a new look to your home.

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Tips For Decorating A Room

Websites and Furniture now reviews that have interior decorating ideas are a good place to go to for ideas.  They can explain about the principle of arranging objects in odd numbers to make them more visually harmonious and effective.  Identifying the focal point in a room and then arranging the furniture and decorations around it is also another popular idea.  However individuals should use these as a framework only around which they can formulate their own ideas.


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Investing In Good Quality Furniture When Setting Up A Home

Improving Your Decorating Skills with Tips From The Internet


Furniture retailing in America on the upswing

Improving Your Decorating Skills with Tips From The Internet





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Improving Your Decorating Skills with Tips From The Internet

Decorating a home is a skill like many other skills with some being good at it and others not so.  However thanks to the internet and Furniture Now reviews, it is possible to start off decorating your home with some tips from the internet.  Furnishing your home depends on the type of lifestyle you lead.  If you have a home where there will be not be too many people, it is possible to invest in furniture based purely on design and beauty.  However in homes with large families, the emphasis is on furniture that is durable, sturdy, and comfortable.  Style and beauty are the last specifications when choosing furniture in such homes.


Choosing the Right Furniture for Your Home

Solid wood construction is the best type of furniture to choose, however, the price also must be reasonable.  The furniture must be tested for comfort before actually paying for it.  The silhouette of the furniture should also fit into your home, whether it is a traditional piece you are looking at or a modern piece.  The finish must also be smooth and attractive.  Fabrics selected should be suitable for the room it is going to be used in such as dark and tough fabrics for the family room and lighter and more delicate fabrics for the formal rooms as per Furniture Now reviews.


Getting the Right Sized Furniture for Your Home

When choosing furniture, you must be sure of the measurements of the room as well as the number of pieces of furniture you need for it.  This is to prevent overcrowding the room or choosing pieces that would overwhelm the room.  Mixing and matching patterns and accessories as well as judicious use of rugs are helpful in changing the atmosphere of the room.  Furniture Now reviews comments on how moveable furniture is perfect if you have to shift homes or for moving around and changing the décor of a room.

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Investing In Good Quality Furniture When Setting Up A Home

Like everything in life furnishing a home involves making choices.  You have to choose whether you have the money to invest in transient fashions or buy furniture that will stand the test of time.  Buying good quality furniture that is durable may work out to be slightly more expensive initially.  Going through websites and Furniture Now reviews will help you to locate furniture on sales.  It is better to invest in furniture that is easily movable unless you are going to be permanently in a place for a very long time.

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Ideas For Decorating Your Home

People who live in rented houses or are on transferable jobs should typically invest in pieces that will look good in any kind of home such as armchairs or beautifully framed art pieces.  It is not necessary to have matching furniture always.  Mixing and matching furniture can add character to your room.  A few colorful pieces of furniture is perfect for the children’s bedroom to make it look bright and attractive.  Looking at photos of decorated rooms or articles on interior designing along with Furniture Now reviews is also a good way to get ideas on what you want for your home.

Checking Out Different Sources For Your Favorite Furniture

Accessories are where you can skimp when you are setting up your home for the first time.  This will leave you enough money to spend on more durable furniture.  Accessories can be collected over a lifetime mixing and matching as you feel like.  It is not really necessary to obtain only new furniture.  Very often garage sales and Furniture Now reviews are a good source of furniture with character which can be lovingly restored to its original glory.  It is also possible to obtain antique and rare pieces made of mature wood that may no longer be manufactured.

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